Overview / Mandate / Geography

Founded in 2012, the Handcycling Club of Canada (HCC) aims to educate and promote handcycling among all levels of ability throughout Canada.  Current members include Paralympians and enthusiasts who have competed throughout the world in road cycling races, mountain biking events, charity rides and triathlons.  In 2013 HCC will be securing a variety of different handcycles and will conduct programs and clinics to grow the sport.

The HCC mandate is to grow the sport of handcycling through education and participation. For most able-bodied children, learning to ride a bicycle is a significant event in their lives. Not only does cycling expand their worlds by providing the means to venture beyond their previous boundaries, but it also has a socializing function, enabling friends, family and strangers to come together and enjoy a common past-time.

From weekend warriors to Paralympians, cycling is a sport for all abilities and ages. The Handcycling Club of Canada is seeking to bring the benefits of cycling to those who may not have the use of their legs, but nevertheless would value being active and engaged in the sport of cycling.

The HCC is a national club. While founded in the Greater Toronto Area, individuals and organizations in all provinces and territories and welcome to contribute locally and nationally.